BSW Gravity Strainer

BSW Gravity Strainer

BSW Self Cleaning Gravity Strainer is used to clean fiber containing water and fresh water.

BSW Gravity Strainer operates by feeding unfiltered liquid through a tangential inlet into a chamber between the outer strainer housing and an internal vessel. The internal vessel incorporates a filter screen that is recessed into the vessel. The liquid runs up and over the edges of the internal vessel and down onto the screen.

Unwanted solids are blocked by the screen and clean fluids run through the screen and exit in a novel way. The two spray bars positioned below the screen rotate continuously, completing a revolution every 2-6 seconds. A small quantity of spray water lifts and flushes solids from the surface of the screen.

The spray bars rotate in line with the unique collection chambers located directly above the screen. These collection chambers are sloped towards a reject pipe in the middle of the vessel. Here the dirt particles are collected and removed to the reject line. This way the BSW Gravity Strainer is cleaning itself automatically and continuously.

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Features of BSW Gravity Strainer


Stainless steel


Continuous mechanical


Wire mesh filter screen


Washing nozzle to keep
surface clean


Easy maintenance

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