Screw Press

Screw Press is designed for handling and compacting a variety of industrial rejects and fibrous waste.

Screw Press is also called as a compactor. The most common use is in agriculture removing liquid from manure.

Features of Screw Press

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Screw Press in detail

Kapotek delivers Screw Presses only for industrial applications for handling and compacting industrial rejects and fibrous waste. Our Screw Presses are also suitable for handling manure, but the quality and price level are higher than needed and accepted in agricultural applications. There are other manufacturers more suitable with lower quality and price level for those cases.

The most common applications generally for Screw Presses are today in use in agriculture, where they are used for compression of liquid manure. However, Kapotek is specialized in the needs of the industry with much higher quality, performance and reliability levels. Our most common uses are paper and pulp industry in a variety of pressing fibrous rejects (not for bio sludge!), sludge pressing of biogas plants as well as the pressing of the food industry waste streams.

Screw Press in use

Product, waste or reject to be handled is fed into the inlet chamber through inlet pipe or flange by pumping or by free flow. Inside the press either shaftless spiral or shafted auger is rotating and starts to convey product inside screen baskets (around the auger) and liquid starts to run through slots (slot width (0,2 - 1,0 mm) in screen baskets. Solid material is conveyed further inside screen baskets and it will enter so called press section at the discharge end which is area without auger flights or shaftless spiral. At the end of press section spring loaded hinged lids stop solid cake coming out. When more solid material will be collected in press section, force against hinged lids will increase and lids start to open and dry solid material stream starts to run out from discharge end.

Shafted Screw Press

Maximum capacity for shafted screw presses is approx. 100 m3/h with a solid content of 0,5-1,5%. If solid content is increased the capacity of the unit in cubic meters pre hour will decrease.

Shafted Screw Presses enable much higher capacities and solid content of cake dropping out from discharge end.

Shaftless Spiral Press

The maximum capacity of a spiral press is approximately 10 m3/h.

The advantage for a shaftless spiral press against shafted type is that it enables handling solid material with much bigger size. In shafted presses the space between auger flights and screen baskets is very small and does not allow larger and/or longer objects to be pressed.

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