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KTF Liquid Pressure Filter

KTF Liquid Pressure Filter is normally used in industrial filtration applications for handling waste water, raw water, process water in recirculation and cooling systems and filtering different kinds of slurries and other viscous liquids.

KTF Pressure Filters use a totally automatic self-cleaning system. The Filters are used in filtering coatings and filler pigment slurries in the pulp and paper industry and also in filtering paints, inks and adhesives in various industries.

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Features of KTF Pressure Filter


Automatic self-cleaning

Cleans itself mechanically without interrupting the filtering process or causing pressure or flow variations

Full description of KTF Pressure Filter

Kapotek delivers industrial filtration applications for handling waste water, raw water, process water in recirculation system and filtering different kind of slurries.

The KTF Pressure Filters, equipped with a mechanical cleaning system, are widely used in color coating kitchens in the pulp and paper industry and also in the production of their sub-suppliers for paper coatings, size, starch, filler pigment slurries and other viscous liquids. The KTF Pressure Filters are basically doing the same work as our Vibratory Separators, but in a closed pressurized system. In addition, the KTF Pressure Filters are widely used in the paint, ink and adhesives

KTF Pressure Filters and filter elements

The filter elements we normally use, are made out of wedge wire with a slot opening of 50-1000 microns and when finer openings are needed down to a 15 micron level, we use either laser cut plates, drilled holes plates or sintered multilayer woven wire mesh materials.

The KTF Pressure Filters can be used in applications with various solid waste contents.

The KTF Pressure Filter is mechanically cleaning itself with a spring loaded scraper made of a wear resistant synthetic material. The scraper is normally activated by a timer or differential pressure, scraping the waste from the inside surface of the filter element and pushing the waste down to the bottom cone. The dirt and only the dirt is periodically purged automatically (about 3 liters) by opening the automatic purge valve under the bottom cone. The filtration phase is constantly working also during the cleaning cycle and the very short opening time of the bottom purge valve. The cleaning and purge cycle do not influence the pressure or flow balance of the system.

The capacity range

Maximum capacity for a KTF-32 Pressure Filter is approx. 260 m3/h.

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