Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

The spiral in Shaftless Spiral Conveyor is made of one or more steel bars without a center shaft. The spiral is lying on the wear liners made of steel bars or wear resistant plastic at the bottom of the trough.

This construction without a center shaft makes it possible to manufacture very long conveyors. The longest one made so far is approximately 62 meters long in horizontal position.

Features of Shaftless Spiral Conveyor



Shaftlesness enables manufacturing long conveyors



Convey in any angle

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Shafltess Spiral Conveyor in detail

Kapotek is collaborating with a Swedish company PST (Plåt&Spiralteknik Ab, PST is manufacturing shaftless spiral conveyors for many industrial applications.

Construction-wise the shaftless spiral conveyor differs of a traditional shafted screw conveyor. In a shaftless spiral conveyor, the screw is made of steel bar(s) and without any center shaft. Contrary of a traditional shafted screw conveyor, the spiral is lying on a wear liner which is made of wear resistant steel bars or plastic.

Construction without a shaft enables to manufacture very long conveyors. In horizontal or slightly inclined position the length of  a conveyor can be up to 60 meters. In higher inclination the length can be up to 30-40 meters and in a totally vertical installation up to 20-25 meters – all this with one single spiral! This feature makes spiral conveyors an excellent alternative to belt conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, elevators, pneumatic transport and scraper conveyors.

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor in use

We supply the majority of shaftless spiral conveyors for waste handling, transport of biofuels in renewable energy power plants, mining industry and paper and pulp industry handling of rejects, fiber sludge and bark.

The most common conveyed materials are for example sawdust, pellets, wood chips, bark, knot handling/reject, plastic waste, wood waste, construction waste, municipal waste, sewage sludge and household waste and sludge in biogas plants.

Capacity range

The capacity range of a shaftless spiral conveyor is 2-500 m3/h.

Shaftless Spiral conveyors are also suitable for other materials such as powders and granulates, but are not normally used in applications in contact of food or animal feed products.

Shaftless Spiral conveyors are also ideally working as outloading conveyors at the bottom of silos and hoppers. Having 1-8 pcs of spirals lying at the bottom called as livebottom makes it possible to create a very reliable emptying system for sticky materials such as different kind of sludge but also wood chips, shredded bark, household waste and especially wood pellets.

The spiral conveyor sizes are determined by the U-trough inner width with range of 200-800 mm.

Turbo-charge your Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

PST (Plåt&Spiralteknik Ab, also manufactures sand separators, screw thickeners and screw classifiers, which are separating heavier particles from the liquid by sedimentation. Sedimentated particles are removed from the bottom of the tank by means of the Shaftless spiral conveyor and the liquid leaves the device through overflow plate.

Sand separators, screw thickeners and screw classifiers are used mainly in the pulp and paper industry, sewage treatment plants, mining and chemical industries.

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