Vibratory Separator

Different sized particles are separated from each other in Vibratory Separators (also called Sifters) by using a vibrating motion.

The Vibratory Separator can be used for screening dry powder or granular products as well as wet products and liquids. The Vibratory Separator is also often called as a vibrating sieve.

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Main features of Vibratory Separator


Divide into different sizes/fractions

Divide products into 2-5 different sizes/fractions


1-4 different screen mesh opening sizes

Screen mesh opening sizes can be 0.03-20.0 mm


Dry & wet screening

Separate dry and wet products

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Vibratory Separator in detail

Kapotek offers a variety of screening solutions for industrial applications. Our equipment range includes various sizes and designs for all types of Vibratory separators for different screening applications. The Vibratory Separator, which is sometimes also called a vibrating screen or vibrating sieve is a device in which the particles of different sizes can be separated from each other by using vibrating motions. Vibrating screens can be used for dry powders or granular materials as well as wet screening products and liquids.

Product fractioning with Vibratory Separator

A Vibratory separator enables for powders and granules to separate products from two up to five different sizes/fractions. The Vibratory separator is equipped with one to up to four different aperture size of the mesh on top of each other. The largest particles/fraction is removed from the separator off the top screen deck and the finest particles off the lowest screen cloth at the bottom. Dry and wet screening mesh opening sizes can be 0,25-20,0 mm.

One typical example of 1-deck dry screening application is powdered sugar, which is to separate the lumps out of the product prior to packaging for small consumer packages. In this application product passing through a screen cloth is the desired end product. On the contrary the example of dog food target is to get rid of too fine material, which normally is called dust, before the packaging. In this application relatively small amount of dust/waste is going through the screen mesh and product leaving off from the top of screen mesh is a high quality final product. Both above cases are so to say safety screening to make sure the end product will be on the requested high quality level.

Wet sieving with Vibratory Separator

Our most typical application is to use a vibratory separator for different kind of wet sieving. Wet sieving can be utilized, for example, waste water, raw water, or cleaning the circulating process water, when solid organic and/or inorganic matter is screened out of the liquid. Wet screening in vibrating screens normally means mesh opening size 25 microns to 20 mm. Many times the cleaning of waste water, for example with 30-40 micron mesh opening size, is found as filtering rather than screening.

However, the most common use of wet screening for us is white mineral slurry which is needed mainly for LWC paper as coating and filler pigment and also fine screening of latex. All these applications are normally screened with 40-150 micron screen openings. Most common mineral pigments screened in slurry form are ground calcium carbonate (GCC), PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate), talc, kaolin, chalk, titanium dioxide and also latex which is added in coating color as a binder and also different kind of starch solutions. The Vibratory separator is removing oversize foreign particles normally sand, which may cause  paper quality issues. In addition, the vibrating screens are also used for the actual size or coating color as police filter in the return cycle system.

Our Vibratory Separator models

Kapotek offers a wide range of both round and rectangular shape vibrating screens and sifters. Vibrating screens are commonly used in the paper industry, food industry and chemical industry. We supply vibrating screens all over the world to all different industries across Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa, South and North America.

Kapotek has worked in the business for more than 20 years and in addition our key personnel have already nearly 50 years of experience in screening. Feel free to contact our experts and ask what type of vibrating screen is best suited for your specific needs.

Kapotek has several different sizes and types of vibrating screens up to full-scale test runs in either the client or our own facilities.

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