Screening Elements and Filter Media

In our own production we manufacture production pretensioned screens and so called rescreening services, especially for our own Vibratory Separators.

We also supply screen elements for other separator brands and serve some OEM companies. The majority of mesh material used is woven stainless and acid-resistant steel mesh, but also woven plastic/synthetic mesh in some applications. We also manufacture some polyurethane screen types.

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Screening Elements and Filter Media in detail

Kapotek manufactures pretensioned screen elements for different vibratory separator brands. We either rescreen on existing customer frame/element/ring or use new frames from our stock. We are able to serve most of end customers having different vibrating screen brands in their production. We are able to cater for this in addition to almost all the other customers in the provision of other suppliers of screens and strainers sieve mesh and filter elements.

Heavy Duty screen panels and filter elements

The majority of mesh material used is stainless and acid-resistant steel woven mesh, and the like of woven synthetic mesh. In addition, we also make some polyurethane screen types for our customers.

Our customers in Finland and elsewhere in Europe are covering the paper industry subcontractors, chemical industry, food industry, mining industry, as well as municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants. In addition we are serving also few machine manufacturers with their original screen element.

In pretensioned screens mesh is stretched in both directions and glued or welded on steel, plastic or wooden frame or ring.

Hook-Strip screens

We also supply the screen elements, which are delivered to the customer in a roll or flat but not in tension. Roll is opened inside the separator, fixed in one end and stretched the other end to required tension. This type of screens are normally called Hook-Strip screens. We normally make these for separator brands such as Mogensen, Derrick and Scanvibro (nowadays part of GEA).

We also manufacture different types of filter elements and components for liquid filtration applications.

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