Screening Cloths and Filter Materials

We manufacture different types of elements for screening and filtration for industrial purposes.

We also supply stainless steel mesh in rolls.

Screening elements

Filtration woven wire mesh and sintered filter elements

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Details of woven wire mesh and materials

Screening elements

We keep thousands of meters of stainless steel (mostly AISI304, AISI316 and magnetic AISI430) mesh and fabrics and synthetic (PES, PP, PA) mesh in our stock. Most common roll widths are 1020, 1220, 1530 and 2000 mm.

We keep woven stainless steel mesh with opening of 25-10000 microns and synthetic mesh with opening of 10-5000 microns in our stock as well.

Screen element usage examples

Screen elements for Vibrating Screens and Sifters are most commonly used in the paper industry mainly in the paper coating and filler pigment slurry screening, in the food industry for example screening in flour mills as well as in the chemical industry in different types of dry and wet screening applications.

Filter mesh and fabrics and sintered woven wire mesh elements

Materials used

Material for filter mesh and fabrics are generally same as for screen elements. Mesh opening varying between 1-200 microns both steel and synthetic mesh. Most common weaving types are for example Plain Dutch Weave, Reverse Plain Dutch Weave, Dutch Twilled Weave, Robusta and so on.

We have sintered woven wire mesh 1-3-layer type in our stock. These types are used for filter materials and elements in pressure filters, but also working as fluidization panels in dry powder applications. Fluidization panels, which very often called Dynapore plates, are installed either by welding or bolted especially in the cones of large silos full of powder. Very short term air blast through the panel reduces product bridging inside and helps product to enter outlet at the bottom of silo.

We also manufacture filter elements, cylinders and baskets for pressure filters of sintered materials.

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